Private Lessons
* 25 or 55 minute lessons
* Pitching, Hitting, Fielding 
* $40 per session. 

Pitching is the name of the game in fast-pitch softball.  A qualified and skilled instructor can take a player and help turn them into a high school or college level pitcher. 

Injury Free:  Stay free of injuries by learning correct pitching skills.  This comes from a coach who understands pitching mechanics and knows  how to identify the base of mechanical issues, all the while connecting with the player and keeping the process fun and engaging.  Throwing too many junk pitches early on is a quick way to find oneself injured.  

Junk Pitches:  While they are great to learn, it's imperative that this be done with a coach who also has a keen eye on FUNDAMENTALS.  

I've been coaching kids for over 25 years- as well as teaching in the classroom and on the playground .  

I've got stories upon stories, but the ones that break my heart are those kids who didn't get professional coaching support and as a result get passed up or injured.  

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Nancy's background in elementary school education and  years of teaching and coaching experience combined with a pure love of the sport make her a very different kind of private and team coach.  Clients and team parents consistently reiterate this.  

Nancy Eckert, Coach and Mentor 
Private Pitching Instructor 
Tide Softball Program Director